Tuaran Beach Resort is home to Sabah's largest private stable of horses.

Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner who has never been near horses, you can enjoy rides of more than 3 hours, experiencing relaxing beach rides to country trekking, and see Sabah's great outdoors and beautiful scenery.

Sabandar Beach Rides (1 -1½ hours)
Situated ideally at the 5-kilometre-long Sabandar Beach, you can conveniently ride on long stretches of sandy beach. (For Beginner to Experienced riders)
- Tide Permitting.
Rate: RM120.00

Combination Ride (1½ - 2 hours)
Shorter ride through the Sabandar village where you can see the Bajau folk’s lifestyle. Back via Sabandar Beach. (For Novice to Experienced riders)

Rate: RM180.00

Beach-Track Ride (2 - 2½ hours)
Through Sabandar beach and wet lands to see water buffaloes and other wildlife such as the Egret, Berahms birds, Whislting Duck, Otters and Macaques in their mangrove habitats. Back through Sabandar beach. (For Novice to Experienced riders)

Rate: RM240.00

Basic riding from beginner level including Dressage, Jumping to Competition Standards. Payable per lesson or in advance for package of 10 lessons (less 10%). We also offer individual and group lessons.

Rate: RM120.00 per hour per person